talent coaches

Support for Talent Coaches

There is a package of support for coaches that coach in 'first selective environments'.  The packages are outlined below.  

Coaches can access all of the packages of support or just the one that will benefit them the most.




Mentoring is available from two experienced coaches.  This can be used to have critical conversations and provide guidance to help you improve yourself and your sessions.  In most cases this is used to have coaching conversations with somebody neutral from your sessions and your sport.

The first stage is to identify the need that you have and then work out the parameters of the mentoring.

To arrange this please contact Richard Colman direct.

Peer to Peer Mentoring

This is an opportunity to connect with another coach delivering in similar environment to yourself. 

Wesport will help facilitate those first conversations. 

We would then hope that coaches will visit each other’s sessions and support each other with each coach’s development

Please contact Richard if you are interested in this and we will then connect you with another coach.


Video Feedback

Have a talent session recorded with yourself wearing a microphone to clearly pick up on your verbal input. 

You then set the questions and the video is shared amongst the group for feedback on the questions posed.

Please book this session in with Richard Colman.

Facebook Group

Wesport have a Talent group on Facebook.  Please join the group and share your thoughts, questions and any interesting articles you find.

Visit the facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/wesporttalent