3rd October 2019
Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop- Thursday 3rd October 2019
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Date: Thursday 3rd October 2019

Time: 18:30-21:30

Venue: Odd Down Sports Ground, Chelwood Drive, Bath BA2 2PR

Cost: £45.00

1.Identify good coaching practice to promote a positive relationship with children
2.Identify sport situations and coaching practice that might constitute either poor practice or possible abuse
3.Identify ways of dealing with your own feelings about child abuse and state what constitutes neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse
4.Recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and appreciate why reporting it is often so difficult
5.Identify appropriate action if a child discloses he/she has been abused
6.Identify appropriate action if abuse is suspected and explain the role and responsibilities of other experts (e.g. police, social services)
7.Describe appropriate practice that reduces the likelihood of abuse occurring.