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Many of us are guilty of this – we drive to work, sit at our desk all day and then drive home! We should all know it is bad for us to be this sedentary, our bodies are designed to move. We are causing our bodies to stiffen up, our spines to crumple and toxins to build in our bloodstream…. need I say anymore!

However, the scare tactic doesn’t tend to work. We need to focus instead on the positives that can be had from being active – how energised you feel, how much easier it is to control your weight, having fun with friends…is this all sounding better?

We want to help get this message out to all workplaces and to support employers to motivate their staff. We have an online activity tracker called Workplace Challenge (WPC) which acts as a great motivational tool, allowing you to log all of your activity. The tracker then converts to points and/or CO2 saved. There are national challenges held twice a year – the most recent of which called Active Lunch. We used this campaign to promote the message that you don’t need to go for a 5 mile run in your lunch hour – just getting out of your seat every hour to make a drink, walking to that meeting or doing a few stretches at lunch is good enough.

In our own office, we have started to take our daily activity more seriously. There are a few sporty people in the office - I used to be! Now I don’t find the time as I have to drive to work, as well as manage childcare, drop offs and pick-ups too. I need to make the most of my lunch hour, so have started to force myself to take a decent break and go for at least a half hour walk. We have also purchased a table tennis table that has proved really popular and is just a 2 minute walk away from the office. Midday has now been nicknamed ‘Ping’a’clock’. We play ‘around the world’ (where you run around to the other side of the table after every shot) so people can stay for as long as they like. This is always a good laugh; there is always one comical moment where someone misses a really easy shot or someone falls over when running round!

We now have almost 1,000 people signed up to WPC and the list is growing. Organisations can also use the tool to create challenges within their own workplaces and generate a real buzz. We all love a competition – especially if the prizes are good! We’ve also teamed up with Business West – The Initiative to promote a calendar of inter-workplace sport competitions. There are lots of local leagues and one-off tournaments in a variety of sports that you and your colleagues can get involved in.

So don’t delay, if you want to find out more, take a look at our Active Workplace information!

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