10th October 2018
Active Workplaces Competitions 2018/19
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Are you an employer or an employee? We are delighted to inform you about the launch of the Wesport Active Workplaces autumn / winter competition calendar. We have some exciting events including Dodgeball and new for 2018 Pickleball – a fun indoor racket sport. To find out more about this game watch this video.

These events are designed to get your workplaces active as we understand the busy schedules that come with a working day. Sport and physical activity can act as a stress reliever as well as providing that feel good factor. This is a fun way of getting together with your colleagues and getting active!

For more information and to book your team visit the Competitions page on our website.

As a local charity we support local community clubs to deliver our events to ensure the sports we showcase are accessible to participants.

We look forward to seeing your team at one of our events soon!