19th February 2018
Exceptional coaches wanted

Wesport are seeking exceptional individuals to contribute to the delivery of Wesport’s new athlete development initiative.

We are looking to utilise the skills of a team of coaches who can all provide high quality delivery, with the athletes being placed at the centre of all sessions and the programme.  Sessions will be creative, engaging and challenging.

The programme will provide weekly sessions for 11-16 year olds that wish to progress their sporting ability.  These sessions will be combined with a wider package of support for those involved in the programme.

What are we looking for?

Wesport are looking for individuals that have a high level of skill and experience in one or more of the following areas.

Skill Development – providing athletes with core sporting skills.
Movement Development – identifying opportunities to improve an athlete’s ability to move efficiently and with control.
Strength and Conditioning – using the core principles of S&C to develop athletes with their foundational movements and movement patterns.
Engaging – Ability to deliver high energy and highly engaging sessions to a group of competent athletes.

In addition to one or more of the above qualities we will also be looking for coaches to have the ability to:

– Work as part of a team of coaches
– Have an open mindset to their coaching methods and their own development
– To contribute to the wider content development of the programme
– To clearly plan short and long term goals
– To have a coaching philosophy that places the athlete at the centre of all decisions

Session times, dates and venues are not currently set so we are currently looking to speak to individuals that could contribute to the programme and then establish the sessions once we have a team of coaches in place.

If you are interested in the above opportunity please contact Richard Colman (Wesport Coaching Manager) on 0117 328 6266.