3rd October 2018
Magic Little Grants

Are you a small charity or community group that runs or are planning on running a project that encourages people to participate in physical activity in order to improve their physical and mental health wellbeing? If this is the case then Localgiving have teamed up with Postcode Community Trust to provide small charities or community groups like yourselves with grants of £500. This aims to help these charities and community groups provide exciting and accessible physical activities.

Grant Eligibility:

In order to apply for the funding grant your organization must meet the following criteria:

Income - You must have an annual income under £50,000. Priority will be given to organisations with an annual income under £20,000.

Physical activity projects - You must be running, or be planning on running a project that encourages individuals to take part in some form of physical activity to help improve their physical and mental health and well being.

Operating within Great Britain - Please note that organisations operating in Northern Ireland are not eligible to apply.

Click here for more information about the grants and how to apply.