7th May 2019
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Wesport are supporting the campaign '#MovingIs' from Get Berkshire Active in partnership with Frimley NHS.

Following on from the successful #MovingCan Campaign in August 2018 Get Berkshire Active are now collaborating again with their local health partners to deliver #Movingis starting on the 13th May 2019. #Movingis a social media campaign aimed at helping people with motivation and overcoming the most common barriers to become more active.

When considering a lifestyle change you might want to think about two crucial things: How IMPORTANT is it for you to make the change and how CONFIDENT are you that you can do it. On a scale of 1-10 the higher both of these are the easier it will be to start and maintain the change.

The #MovingCan Campaign provided information on 31 mental and physical health benefits of exercise; this can help you see just how important physical activity is. You should also ask yourself why its important for you to be fitter, healthier and more active - make a list and pin it on the fridge!

We hope that our new #Movingis Campaign will help your confidence so dip in and take a look. Remember to follow the daily tweets from 13th May and chip in with your ideas too.

Its easy to let 'life' get in the way and stop us becoming more active. These are genuine barriers and even the keenest of 'exercisers' experience them on occasions. However, consider this powerful quote:

"If you don't make time for exercise you will have to make time for illness" But, on a more positive note: "If the effects of exercise could be bottled, it would be the medicine of the century".


This campaign will be exploring 7 different barriers or 'roadblocks' to becoming more active.

Follow the link below and get inspired to get moving!