26th October 2018
Race Running comes to Bath and needs your support!
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Bath’s Race Running Club is hoping to secure funding for running frames from Aviva Community Fund and needs your vote. Nova Sports and Coaching, a Bath based sports coaching Community Interest Company, are helping people with mobility issues and conditions such as cerebral palsy to access sport.

‘People with disabilities are twice as likely to be inactive than people without disabilities’ (Sport England, Active Lives 2015-16). There is a lack of opportunity to access physical activity for people with disabilities, which Nova Sports and Coaching hope to turn around.

Nova Sports and Coaching are defying this trend by bringing the sport of Race Running to Bath. Championed and endorsed by physiotherapists as a unique way to channel therapy through enjoyable activity. Race Running uses a wheeled-frame to support runners who then propel themselves with their feet.

Alex Johnson, Director of Nova Sports and Coaching says “physically there are huge benefits of Race Running, such as helping develop lower body muscle strength, muscle length and balance as well as new evidence showing it can help bone density and strength. It is an excellent way of promoting aerobic exercise and developing general fitness. It helps people get out of their wheelchairs, get active and mobile, and enjoy themselves at the same time. We are really hoping we can secure funding for running frames to get the club running!”

With the funding received Nova will be able to purchase three race runners, including the required accessories to ensure they can be adapted to multiple participants across sessions.

Nicola Dewar, parent says “The first time Evie tried race running was one of the happiest days for us a family. For the first time ever she could safely and easily propel herself about independently, and even race her sister and win! We could relax knowing we didn't have to hover waiting for her to fall and the smile on her face brought tears to our eyes. She has been to a few sessions now and hasn't stopped smiling throughout.”

People can vote up to 10 times please click here to vote to support race running in Bath: https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-2664

Please visit www.facebook.com/BathRaceRunning for more photographs and to see our video.