5th February 2019
Time to Talk and Walk
mental health

As part of ‘Time to Talk’ day on 7th February, we have created ‘Walk and Talk’ challenges in 4 locations across Bristol in conjunction with the Community Access Support Service (CASS). You can find out more below and in the poster on the next page. If any of the routes are in an area where you live or work, then why not spend a fun active hour exploring the local area.  Go for a walk. Find all the pins on the map

Go for a walk. Find all the pins on the map. Take part in the quiz and challenges. Get some gentle exercise and find #timetotalk!

Talking about 'mental health' can be difficult. However, we all know how it feels to be tired, stressed or experiencing low moods. You don't have to have a mental illness to experience mental ill-health. There is still a huge amount of stigma attached to the subject and we aim to break this stigma down through conversations and activities.

Little things like getting outside for some gentle exercise, talking to a friend and paying attention to our moods and the things that make us happy can improve our day-today mental health and wellbeing. This app will help get you started, and challenge your knowledge about mental health at the same time.