Performance Management

Performance Management

Underlying the Wesport Vision and Mission, we track a number of hard goals which allow us to judge our contribution to the sporting infrastructure in the West of England.

Our Core Team Mission is to Inspire People, Empower Organisations and Create Opportunities through Sport and Physical Activity. We defined a full set of goals and subgoals aligned to each aspect of this Mission, with detailed plans to achieve them.  As they work, our officers can track their performance and record their progress through the goal structure


The interrelationship between these goals is shown in this screenshot from Goalscape, a tool provided by Footdown, our leadership and organisational development partner; and Goalscape Software, a software company that provides tools to help organisations communicate and track their priorities and goals. Click the image below to explore Wesport Goals in Goalscape Connect.



Why not try Goalscape for yourself... and if you decide to buy your own licence Wesport will recieve an introducer fee to contribute to its charitable activities.

  See the big picture overview of your life with Goalscape

Goalscape is simple, powerful visual goal-setting software. "Designed, built and used by Olympic athletes and coaches", Goalscape allows you to::
- Be more focused
- Define goals and plans
- Set priorities
- Conquer information overload
- Track progress
- Work effectively
Goalscape gives you a unique insight and brings clarity and understanding to your work - and to your life.

Goalscape helps you adopt an effective goal oriented approach. With well-defined goals and a clear structure you can prioritize your actions, organize your time and work more effectively.

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