Become a Coach Core Employer

The third Coach Core Bristol programme started in Autumn 2020. 

The programme works on a consortium basis, and we have engaged a number of employers to be part of the programme. From those who deliver sport and physical activity across the community to organisations that use sport and physical activity to engage young people.  

If you are interested in joining a future programme or finding out more information, please get in contact.

Coach Core Employers

Coach Core offer:

  • Project management to help build the consortium and bring the right teams together
  • High quality education, training and opportunities through our training provider and the network we create with you
  • Funding to support the project and creating future links so that the project can thrive long term

In return we ask that employers are:

  • Organisations that are committed to help young people gain employment and education through the best possible placements
  • Provide ‘in kind’ donations of staff time, resources and training to benefit your apprentices and the wider group when required
  • Willing to invest financially over time on the understanding of the short and long term benefits your apprentices and the Coach Core programme can bring

How much does it cost?

To employ an apprentice for a period of 15 months is approx. £15,000. Up to a third of the cost will be drawn down via the education provider, to cover education fees, resources etc. A grant is also provided to each employer to contribute to the remaining cost or the salary for the apprentice. For further detail on costs please get in contact. 

Gloucestershire Cricket Board- Year 2 Employer

"Having an apprentice has been brilliant for our organisation, not only has the individual increased our workforce, they have brought a fresh enthusiasm, which has been very refreshing.

It also has empowered our existing staff to support their development and journey.

We are reaping the benefits of an enthusiastic individual who has developed tremendously as an individual. Crucially, they have learnt how our organisation operates on a day to day and the necessary skills and knowledge over the 15 month term."