School Club Links

A school-club link is a formal agreement between a school and a community club that creates a mutually beneficial partnership between the two. The link provides a pathway for young people from school sport to community sport, engaging them in sport as participants, volunteers, coaches and/or officials.

School-club links help create a channel of communication between schools and clubs and by creating these strong relationships this can encourage regular and lifelong participation in sport, reducing the drop-out rates associated with young people.

Here are the key characteristics of an effective school-club link:

  • Effective communication – regular contact between the school and club
  • Structured activity – organised opportunities for young people from the school to participate, whether it’s coaching sessions, competitions or leadership events etc.
  • Young people participation – as a result of the club link, more young people take part in sport, either as an athlete/player or leader

why establish a school-club link?

School club links provide reciprocated benefits to all parties involved and here is a list of why it is worth investing in a school-club link agreement from each perspective:

Benefits for schools:

  • Raise the school's community profile – great for attracting new pupils
  • Strengthen existing PE and school sport offer and provide exit routes for players, coaches and volunteers
  • Develop student's life skills beyond school and encourage lifelong participation in sport
  • Support with extra-curricular clubs, competitions and festivals
  • Offer more sporting opportunities to students
  • Offer a wider range of sports and enhance school's ability to offer minority sports
  • Potential to share equipment, facilities and coaching expertise


Benefits for clubs:

  • Increase membership numbers
  • Increase player talent pool
  • Raise club and community profile – great for attracting partners and funding
  • Potential to recruit new volunteers/leaders and coaches
  • Increased access to training/match venues
  • Potential to share equipment, facilities and coaching expertise
  • Quality Assurance (helps to achieve Clubmark)
  • Support from PE specialists

help setting up a school-club link

If you have any questions or need advice about setting up a school-club link, please email or cal: 0117 328 6250.

If you would like to access funding to develop a school-club link, take a look at our Satellite Clubs funding.