Keeping Kids Active

There are lots of fantastic resources out there for keeping your kids active at home! We have split the resources we have collated into three clear areas, all of which are FREE child-friendly activities for you to use at home. Each button will take you to a list of detailed resources with the information to access them. You can also use these resources by adding them into our draft activity schedule below.

Weekly Activity Schedule

Now more than ever, it's important for children & young people to keep active! If your child is still at home, it can be more challenging to fit in the recommended daily guidelines for children (60 minutes of physical activity each day). Click here for more detail. We have created an outline of a weekly schedule which will help you to achieve this. Above the schedule are three buttons, which have even more ideas of activities that you can then swap into the activity schedule. Please feel free to use these as guidelines and do not feel that you have to complete it all! Enjoy.


10.00- 10.10am: Our Virtual School Games Challenge 4 launches today! Week 4 is Tennis 'Tap Up' and the challenge card can be found Here.

12.00- 12.10pm: Active Break! Join in with the Stress Busting Yoga Pilates Workout Here.

2.00- 2.30pm: Active Learning- Youth Sport Trust have put together an Active Learning Jumping Bingo!

4.00- 4.30pm: Try out the Activity Cross the River!


9.30- 10.00am: Chance to Shine have lots of cricket activities for children to do at home

12.00- 12.10pm: Active Break! Try out one of these 60 second activity challenges as your Active Break!

2.00- 2.30pm: BBC Supermovers have lots of great video's to follow for all age groups.

4.00- 4.20pm: Active Learning- Have a go at SASP's Moving to English task!


9.00- 9.30am: Join in with imoves' Hip Hop challenge Here.

12.00- 12.10am: Active Break- Try a Disney 10 minute shake-up! 

2.00- 2.30pm: Active Learning- Join in with Tagtiv8's Move like a Hero or Villain  Activity on Page 4!

4.30- 5.00pm: Take part in the Youth Sport Trust's Secondary School PE Lessons!


9.00- 9.30am: Join in with Cosmic Kids Yoga Here.

12.00- 12.10: Active Learning: Today your Active Learning Challenge is Times Table Squats!

2.00- 2.10pm: Active Break! Practice your Netball with Bee@Home from Netball England! 

4.00- 4.30pm: The Daily Mile have created weekly challenges to complete at home. Try them out Here.


9.00- 9.30am:#ThisisPE Video New videos are released every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

11.00- 11.05am: Active Break! Follow a Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move video!

2.00- 2.20pm: Active Learning: Take part in Blue Peter's Badges of Summer!

4.00- 4.30pm: Table Tennis England have got some great ideas for playing table tennis at home, no equipment needed!