Happy Lane Fund

Happy Lane Fund

Happy Lane Fund

The Happy Lane Fund

Sport and physical activity has the power to change lives for the better.  The Happy Lane Fund is designed to open up tennis to people of all backgrounds and abilities across the West of England (Avon Tennis area).


The Happy Lane Fund is a fund to support all communities to access tennis across the area of Avon Tennis. This is the four Unitary Authorities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

The fund has a focus on the following communities.

People from Culturally Diverse Communities

Disabled People

People with Long Term Health Conditions

People on Low Incomes


Main Fund

This is for longer term projects.  We would like new groups to be established and run all year round, so that individuals have the opportunity of a lifelong participation in tennis.

Grants of £800 are made to an organisation.  This might be a community group, charity or tennis club.  We would then hope this would either contribute towards, or pay for the costs of running the group for one session a week for 40 weeks of the year.

Wesport will endeavour to support community groups to find a suitable tennis venue and coach (if required) and likewise will do the same for tennis venues that wish to offer tennis to local community groups.

The above structure is one that we know works and provides a long term opportunity for individuals and groups.  This often leads to the activity becoming a habit.  We are however completely flexible and are very open to other methods to breakdown barriers and to get people on court.  A phone call is often the easiest way to discuss these ideas, so get in touch.


Small Projects

This pot is for small amounts up to £100 (ish!).  This might be to assist with attending some training, purchasing a piece of equipment, servicing a wheelchair or assisting with the costs of attending an event for example.

These awards can be made in a shorter timescale.  To apply or discuss your needs then please contact Richard Colman directly.


Origins of the Fund

The fund was established by Bristol Central Tennis Club (situated in Happy Lane, St Andrews) in 2022.  Having received a Covid-19 Business Rates rebate in 2021 the club's committee decided that the money should be used to support individuals and groups that faced barriers to accessing tennis.

The club invited the West of England Sport Trust (Wesport) to manage the fund.  Wesport now administer the Happy Lane Fund for free and invest all of the funds into community tennis projects.  Wesport have since added their own money to the fund from the Bristol Parks Tennis project.






We are keen for this fund to be able to help sustain community tennis sessions for the long term.  The fund is therefore open for individuals and groups to donate to the Happy Lane Fund.  Individuals can also donate via Gift Aid so that the amount received by the fund is increased by the Government without any additional cost to the individual.  You can donate via Just Giving at the bottom of this page.

If an organisation or tennis club would like to make a donation then please contact Richard Colman to discuss the best mechanism to do this.