Mental health: Support for Clubs, Coaches and their Members

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In light of World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October, we thought that this would be a fantastic opportunity to provide coaches and clubs with the resources they need to be able to help and support their members and players with their mental health. Being active can have such a positive impact on your mental health. The role of community sport clubs and coaches therefore is vitally important as they provide support needed to improve the mental wellbeing of their members.

Being physically active has been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health. Mind have highlighted the ways that being physically active can positively effect you;

  • Tiring you out in the day resulting in better sleep at night.
  • Physical activity releases feel-good hormones giving you a mental boost and increasing energy levels.
  • Manage stress & anxiety, being physically active gives your mind something else to focus on.
  • Increased self-esteem through sense of achievement.
  • Physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of depression.
  • Being physically active provides an opportunity for you to meet new people & friends.

To help coaches and clubs in supporting their member’s mental health there are specific charities in place:


Their website has many resources for learning such as toolkits, free webinars, mental health champions toolkit, coaching videos and a mental health charter. They also provide excellent training courses for people to access online and in person, helping coaches and club staff develop the knowledge and skills required to support members. They also host networking events, conferences and webinars to again develop knowledge and skills, but also meet likeminded people who can work together.

UK Coaching 

Have teamed up with Mind to deliver a Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+ course for coaches and staff at a small cost.

Local Councils provide a great avenue for training people living and working within the council’s locality. Each council provide great information and resources as well as hosting courses free of charge.

  • North Somerset Council run various free workshops and training such as Suicide awareness workshops & mental health awareness training.
  • South Gloucestershire Council provide a wide range of mental health training for people from general public to specialist & non-specialist professionals.
  • Bath and North East Somerset provide courses including Connect 5 training, a 1 ½ day course to help participants to be able to support the mental health of others. They also offer a e-learning module called Awareness of Mental Health and CPD courses at Bath College.

National governing bodies and local sports clubs have also been doing their bit to help support people’s mental health. A great example of this is the Somerset Cricket Foundation where they have trained and implemented mental health ambassadors into local clubs. The full case study and more information about the great work they are doing can be found here

Additional Resources

Club Matters: Supporting Mental Wellbeing during the pandemic guide

Sport England: Mental health information and resources

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing page

Our COVID-19 Mental Health support page

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