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Welcome to the Wesport Primary PE Podcast!

Join our host Ian Ridge as he addresses a focus area each month to help improve PE provision without increasing the workload!

Each month Ian will be joined by a special guest established within the topic field who can help provide deeper understanding and practical ideas which can impact the children within your schools.

Each episode will include a quick round up of local and national events and opportunities your schools may wish to sign up to as well as PE confessions from anonymous submissions to have a light hearted take on PE mishaps!

Episode 1 - Physical Literacy

In the first ever episode, our host will introduce the format and aims of the podcast outlining the structure for future episodes.

This month’s focus is on physical literacy and its importance and application within a primary environment.  We are joined by Dr Durden-Myers, who is a recognised expert in this field to provide expert guidance around the subject.

We also highlight opportunities both national and locally over the next month, and hold the PE confessional; a chance for teachers to share their PE mishaps and embarrassing moments.

More information is available in the PE bulletin, on our website or via email

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