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As a charity and Active Partnership, we receive funding to deliver a range of programmes, events, training and support services within the West of England. To view the full range of our offer, please Click Here.

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why is our work important?

Physical inactivity is 'twice as deadly' as obesity in the UK¹, and costs the economy £10m a year². Two‐thirds of people aged 16+ in the West of England, around 690,000³ of the 1.1m are classed as inactive and do not meet the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) UK Physical Activity Guidelines. Yet being physically active offers individuals and society a raft of benefits that extend beyond physical and mental health to relationships, success at school and work, social integration, and reduced crime. We want to bring those benefits to the people of the West of England.


how can our work help you?

If you would like to find out more information about how our work can help you, simply click on the links below to be taken to the most relevant part of our website where you will find lots of useful advice and information about how you can get involved in our programmes. If you would like to find out how you, a family member, friend or colleague can take part in a sport or physical activity, visit our Getting Active section for loads of useful information.

safeguarding and equality?

We are fully committed to our responsibilities to ensuring the highest standards when it comes to safeguarding all who are involved in sport and physical activity within the West of England whilst also ensuring we provide equal opportunities. To find out more about our safeguarding work please Click Here and please find our equality statement below:

Wesport is fully committed to the principles of equality of opportunity and takes responsibility to ensure that no member of staff, volunteer or participant is unlawfully discriminated against because of one of the protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation).

Wesport will also ensure that stakeholders and commissioned partners are given the same opportunities to be involved where appropriate regardless of their socio – economic background and will encourage all partners to demonstrate their commitment to the principles and practice of equality.

Wesport has always had a strong commitment to equality & diversity, including achieving and maintaining the Equality Standard. 

The Wesport Board has adopted Sport England's targets of achieving at least 30% of each gender on its Board (currently 75% female at December 2017), along with a target to increase diversity on the Board (including, but not limited to, Trustees that identify as having a BAME background & those with a disability).  Please see the Our Governance & Our Board pages for more information on the Trust Board.



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² The economic cost of physical inactivity in Europe, ISCA / Cebr report, June 2015

³ Sport England Active People Survey 10 (Q2 - 2015/16) and Mid-2015 Population estimates.