2nd September 2020
Park Yoga at home!


Park Yoga has been delivered virtually all summer; each week a different instructor led a class through a session via the Park Yoga youtube channel. A new class went live every Sunday. All of the videos can still be accessed here! These classes are FREE and suitable for all abilities.

As we head into Autumn and the weather gets colder, you can still practise your weekly yoga session from the comfort of your home! You could add it into your routine on a Sunday morning as a new video is released, or pick and choose which classes to look back on over the week. Yoga is a great way to switch off and pause for a while, taking time to move your body and still your mind. Why not build some time into your working day to stretch and strengthen your body? There's also some Park Yoga Shorts for those with limited time! 

Access all Park Yoga videos here: