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Referring to Wesport

Below is text that you can use on how to refer to Wesport and describe our role and functions. If you would like to refer to one of Wesport’s programmes please contact Wesport and we can guide you on how to do this.

When to use The West of England Sport Trust or Wesport?

The West of England Sport Trust is the full company name whereas Wesport is the organisational acronym.

We ask that partners first refer to us in written text as the West of England Sport Trust (Wesport) and then thereafter just use Wesport.

When you are verbally referring to us please just use Wesport (said phonetically as Wes-sport).

How to describe Wesport?

The West of England Sport Trust (Wesport) is a charity that champions sport in the local community by creating inspirational and innovative opportunities for more people to experience the benefits of physical activity.

Wesport is part of the national Active Partnership Network and locally acts as the strategic lead for sport and physical activity across the West of England.

How to describe the type of programmes and support Wesport offers?

Main activities include:

  • Working with a wide variety of local partners, enabling the delivery (directly or indirectly) of nationally-funded sports
  • Providing leadership, expertise and resources to improve the variety and accessibility of sport and physical activity opportunities for local people, by actively developing clubs, coaching and volunteering in the area
  • Supporting educational establishments in developing their sport and physical activity opportunities
  • Connecting with community organisations, such as disability groups, housing and health trusts, to get more people involved in sport and physical activity

Putting people in touch with Wesport?

If you like to direct people to us, please use the contact information below: