Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Steve Nelson- CEO

Sport/ Activity of choice: Basketball

Your role at Wesport: I have overall responsibility for Wesport’s plan, achievements and working practices. I lead our work to influence organisations at all levels to recognise and use the power of sport and physical activity.

Like: The days I get to see our team’s activities.

Dislike: Blue cheese!

Ruth Glanvill- Project Manager (Community Sport)

Sport/ Activity of choice: Plodding aka running slightly faster than walking

Your role at Wesport: I am project manager for all things Community Sport; supporting local projects to reach inactive young people, including the Satellite Club programme. 

Like: I like getting out of the office to visit projects that we support

Dislike: I don’t like not being able to make time to be active

Andy Blackmore- Senior Project Manager

Sport/ Activity of choice: Rugby

Your role at Wesport: Having fun, chatting to people, making tea & coffee... As well as leading our team's work with Children & Young People!

Like: Beans on toast with HP sauce

Dislike: Doughnuts with not enough jam.

Image of Sarah Casselden from Wesport

Sarah Casselden- Project Manager- Workforce & Insight

Sport/ Activity of choice: Boxfit

Your role at Wesport: I am a project manager working on Workforce Development, Coach Core and Data & Insight.

Like: family time

Dislike: marmite

Rebecca Miller- Project Intern

Sport/ Activity of choice: Basketball

Your role at Wesport: I support with many projects across Wesport like Active Lives and Active Workplaces specifically in regards to mental health. As well, I pick up some of the marketing for Wesport like social media and website.

Like: Spending time with my family and dogs

Dislike: Beetroot

Nikki Stephens- Business Performance & Finance Officer

Sport/ Activity of choice: Tea drinking. And spin class

Your role at Wesport: All of the behind the scenes elements that keep the organisation running: finance, governance, HR, office management, safeguarding, marketing and performance management!

Like: cats, purple things, sleeping, tea

Dislike: people?!

Lisa Wood- Project Manager- Health & Activity

Sport/ Activity of choice: Cycling and walking

Your role at Wesport: I keep abreast of the Health & Wellbeing landscape and look for opportunities where physical activity can have a true impact.

Like: Skiing on fresh powder in the sunshine!

Dislike: Middle lane hoggers!

Image of Lisa Wood from Wesport

Sarah McLeod- Project Manager

Sport/ Activity of choice: Pilates

Your role at Wesport: I am a project manager currently working on our Workforce Innovation project with refugees and asylum seekers, alongside our Parks Tennis Project.

Like:  I love going on holiday with my family, especially somewhere sunny!

Dislike:I dislike Brussel sprouts!

Richard Colman- Project Manager (Bristol Parks Tennis & Workforce)

Sport/ Activity of choice: Squash, tennis, football

Your role at Wesport: I manage the Parks Tennis programme in Bristol and also the development of the sport and physical activity workforce across the West of England.

Like: making and growing things

Dislike: tidying up after my kids!

Nicole Emmanuel- Project Officer (Youth Sport)

Sport/ Activity of choice: Football (and lunchtime ping!)

Your role at Wesport:  Supporting physical activity and sporting opportunities/competitions for children and young people at school.

Like: taking a pause to think of the environment

Dislike: being away from nature too long

Caitlin Stephenson- Project Officer (The Daily Mile Coordinator)

Sport/ Activity of choice: Waterpolo/ Netball

Your role at Wesport: I try to engage more primary schools in this free initiative, which aims to get children out of the classroom for 15 minutes every day to run or jog at their own pace with their classmates.

Like: Being at the beach

Dislike: Coffee & Tea

Image of Jane Baldock from Wesport

Jane Baldock- Lead Finance Officer

Sport/ Activity of choice: Orienteering, Hockey, Running 

Your role at Wesport: I am responsible for all of the organisations finances. 

Like: A long run on a sunny day! 

Dislike: Being stuck indoors 

Melonie Gregory- Core Development Manager

Image of Melonie Gregory from Wesport