17th February 2020
FREE funded whole school PE and gymnastics resources and training for 12 Bristol Primary Schools

We are excited to announce that the Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance have been successful in winning a DfE national bid to support the improvement of PE and gymnastics teaching in the city. 

In partnership with Create Development, they are becoming one of only nine DfE funded PE hubs across the country, in a pilot programme, testing models of delivery in the year ahead.

Their offer looks in detail at upskilling whole staff with PE and gymnastics teaching and includes full Schemes of Work and Lesson Plans based on the highly regarded real PE and real gym programmes which many schools have adopted over the last few years in the city and over 6,700 schools nationally. The offer also supports children and families to increase activity levels beyond their lessons at school. Bristol Primary Teaching Alliance aim to work closely with a PE lead in each school, to deliver high quality training and to support them to drive change whilst ensuring PE and Sport Premium is used effectively, showing good value for money and impact.

Selected schools will receive (all free of charge):

  • 3 days of subject leader training - to upskill your PE lead and to support them to implement a new PE and gymnastics curriculum school wide.
  • 1 day (or equivalent twilights / staff meetings) of core real PE training for all of your staff.
  • 1 day (or equivalent twilights / staff meetings) of real gym training for all of your staff.
  • Up to 2 days of in school support per school with a lead professional to support your staff: answering questions, supporting implementation, demonstrating lessons, mentoring, recapping sessions, observing and reviewing.
  • A pupil survey to measure activity levels and engagement.
  • A staff survey to measure confidence and changes to their practice.
  • Assessment tools for children to track their activity levels and social and personal skills.
  • An online support tool to look at progress with PE and Sport Premium.
  • real PE and real gym resources and Schemes of Work / Lesson Plans for each year group and online resources written by national experts for staff and pupils to ensure lesson delivery is of exceptional quality.
  • real play home logins for EYFS and Key Stage 1 families to encourage family engagement and increase physical activity levels at home.
  • Access to Jasmine – your real online platform for all staff across the school. Includes all programmes for one year.