26th July 2019
#SummerOutdoors Campaign



Campaign summary


The Department for Education is launching a social media campaign to provide ideas on how to get young people outside during the summer, with an emphasis on urban families.

#SummerOutdoors will run over the school summer holidays, highlighting specific projects and events parents and young people can get involved in and providing general tips on fun things to do outdoors that help to build character, resilience and wellbeing in young people.

Within the campaign content we will specifically aim to highlight volunteering, work experience, sporting, creative and performance opportunities – our five foundations of character.

A key requirement of the campaign is that the activities must be free or nearly free and accessible to all. We also want to ensure that urban families in particular are able to find outdoors activities and events to participate in.

#SummerOutdoors will run from 19th July to 26th August across DfE social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and will consist of the following:

  • A weekly ‘top five things to do this week’, highlighting specific activities and more general tips on fun things to do outdoors over the summer
  • Daily promotion of activities, events, opportunities coming up either that week or over the summer holidays
  • Re-posts and tweets of relevant content already being promoted by partners.


Our ask


We would like to ask whether your organisation is offering any activities to parents and young people that resonate with the objectives of our #SummerOutdoors campaign, and if so, whether you would be happy for the Department for Education to promote them as part of its campaign.


How to send information


Please send a short description of your activities, including type of activity, location, target audiences, whether there is a cost, any restrictions on attendance, and a contact point to james.keegan@education.gov.uk and matthew1.mitchell@education.gov.uk

If you have multiple offers that could be promoted, you can send these in the table format indicated below:

Is it funded by Sport England? If yes, is it Lottery or Exchequer funding?



Specific Locations


What is the activity?


Who is it primarily targeted at?


Constraints (i.e. does it happen on certain days/times or is it a one time event?)


More information (i.e. web links or sign-up info)


Point of Contact





e.g. Table Tennis in the Park

e.g. 5-10 year olds

e.g. happening on Saturday 17th August

Web Link