27th June 2022
The Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund in action!

In January 2022 we received funding from the Commonwealth Games Legacy Fund to distribute to School Games Organisers across the West of England. The funding is focused on providing opportunities for children who don’t normally get to compete in sports on a regular basis and for children to try sports they may not have tried before.

The aim is to provide equal opportunities and to remove some of the barriers children face when participating in sport and PE. The funding has been used to invest in some new equipment for schools to use as well as School Games events that run throughout the year.

We went to visit a Commonwealth Games Legacy Festival run by Shane, the SGO for the North Somerset area. The intent for this event was to give children who aren’t as confident in sport and PE or who don’t regularly represent the school an opportunity to attend a School Games event. Some of the activities provided were short mat bowls, tennis, laser run, skipping, fencing, athletics & more!

We asked Shane the impact these School Games events have had on the children and he added:

“Across the day it is clear to see the children growing in confidence both in terms of what they can do and the confidence they have being amongst their peers. When they are first trying an activity you can see they aren’t sure about it but by the end of the session they are loving it and confident in what they are doing.”

“For the teachers it’s a great opportunity to find new ways or activities to engage children in physical activity in their PE lessons.”

The funding will allow these events, and the support given to schools to run into the next academic year.

To find out more about the support we provide to schools and young people, visit out website here.