5th June 2020
Don’t Drop the Ball on Refugee Rights


Bristol City of Sanctuary have recently set up a centralised fundraising appeal to raise money for six local refugee charities. Feeding into this campaign, Bristol Women's Football Casual League and Banana F.C. have set up a challenge involving the number 5 and a ball. See below for more details.

Bend it like Beckham, Shoot it like Salah or Run like Rapinoe, all the while raising money and awareness for local refugee charities. The Bristol Women's Football Casual League and Banana F.C. have set themselves a target of raising £500 for Bristol City of Sanctuary's solidarity fundraising campaign, and invite you to donate £5 and join them as they run 5k with a ball, do 5 keepy uppies, or anything else creative that involves a ball and the number 5 (all safely and in a socially distanced way of course!) 

Asylum seekers are given only £5 a day to live on. This is a pitiful amount at the best of times; during the Covid-19 pandemic it is inhumane. Whilst Universal Credit has increased by £20 to recognise the increased hardships during the pandemic, asylum support has stayed the same. "Don't Drop the Ball on Refugee Rights" not only aims to raise money for our local refugee charities, but also to draw attention to this; highlighting the struggle that many seeking sanctuary will face, surviving on £5 a day during this crisis.

Show off your skills with a ball and, once you have done that, donate £5 to help Build a City of Welcome, Safety and Hope!