24th October 2019
Have you heard of Tagtiv8?


What are the Issues?

 We know schools are incredibly busy places with relentless pressures to increase standards - sometimes resulting in disengagement. In amongst all of this, the health and wellbeing of UK primary school children is on the decline. 


  • Physical activity levels amongst UK primary-aged children are falling from as early as 7-years of age
  • Only 10% of children achieve the daily recommendations for physical activity
  • Increasing numbers of children in the UK are leaving school classified as obese or overweight


Is Tagtiv8 a Solution?

Tagtiv8 activate learning in English and Mathematics. 

Think Tig, Tag or maybe Tag Rugby meets Scrabble and Countdown! 

Tagtiv8 wanted to create something like Lego - something fun, playful and creative - enjoyed by children from EYFS into KS1, KS2 and beyond.

Tagtiv8 games and approaches engage even the most reluctant of learners. 

Tagtiv8 programmes, planning and CPD empower teachers to become more confident and competent at taking learning beyond the classroom.

Tagtiv8 are now working and playing with more than 70,000 children and 3,000 teachers across the UK, with pioneering schools in France, Australia and Finland also jumping on board. 


What does the Research Demonstrate?

Research demonstrates that Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches:

  • Improve classroom behaviour and activity engagement
  • Significantly reduce sedentary periods of time
  • Offer aggregated improvement in academic performance over time

Traditional approaches towards improving health outcomes for children focus heavily upon Sport & PE during segmented periods of the school day. But does this engage all children in becoming more active? Or does it merely maintain the levels of those that are active already?


What do School Leaders, Teachers & Children Say?

  • “Tagtiv8 is an amazing resource and should be in every school.” Chief Executive Officer, Amaya Trust, London
  • “Tagtiv8 takes away the fear of Mathematics.” Year 3 teacher, Lancashire
  • “With Tagtiv8 Maths, you don’t get a chance to get bored or zone out.” Bella, age 8, Leeds
  • “Tagtiv8 approaches engage even the most reluctant of learners.” Headteacher, Norfolk
  • “I used to think I was rubbish at Maths, but now I know I’m not!” Ethan, age 10, Leicester

Are You Interested in Moving & Learning with Tagtiv8?

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