5th April 2019
#LoveSwimming: moving medicine
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The power of swimming to aid a range of medical conditions.

On 4th April 2019 the swimming sector released the next chapter in the #LoveSwimming campaign focusing on the physical health benefits of swimming and the positive impact of 'prescribing' swimming to aid a range of medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis and chronic pain.

Evidence shows that one in four patients would be more active if advised by a health professional, yet nearly three quarters of GPs do not speak about the benefits of physical activity to patients (Source: Moving Medicine).

The current Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has called for a “culture shift” and for medical professionals to act on the evidence that activity, such as swimming can cut the risk of illness and boost survival from major diseases.

To showcase the physical benefits and the impact of prescribing swimming, the campaign features three inspiring films which share the stories of individuals who have experienced phenomenal physical health benefits as a result of being prescribed swimming.

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