14th May 2021
Sport England publish first implementation plan

Sport England have published a new implementation plan to outline their key priorities for the next 12 months as they kickstart the process of delivering their long-term strategy, Uniting the Movement. 

The one year action plan outlines the work Sport England will do to the end of March 2022, supported by a set of goals – these are the priorities for this year, which they will work collaboratively with partners to achieve.


As part of the one year plan Sport England have confirmed an additional investment of £20 million to the successful Tackling Inequalities Fund. The programme supports four key target audiences – those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, people with long-term limiting health conditions and disabled people – recognising they've been disproportionately hit by the pandemic and need much more support to incorporate activity into their daily lives. You can read more about our involvement in the Tackling Inequalities Fund here. 

The goals they have developed for this first year of implementing Uniting the Movement will support the move on from their previous strategy, towards an Active Nation. 

They balance the continuing need to be responsive to the short-term challenges of coronavirus with the need to be proactive to meet the ambitions they have set out in their new strategy. 

The four goals for this year are: 


Help the population to keep moving and support the right partners to deliver safely and effectively during Covid-19 restrictions.


Continue to change our way of working to be consistent with Uniting the Movement, with a primary focus on cultural change and leadership.


Create a plan for the implementation of Uniting the Movement to 2025 and lay the foundations in this first year.


Review, manage and evaluate existing business commitments, functions and responsibilities to further allow the delivery of Uniting the Movement. 

All of these will enable Sport England alongside Partners to work to tackle the big issues that were set out in the strategy, and will drive forward the key catalysts for change needed alongside it.  

Wesport look forward to working with Sport England to support the South West in achieving the goals set over the next year.

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