School Games

School Games

Wesport have been asked to position the tackling of inequalities at the forefront of county School Games planning, provision and opportunities and to seek ways to support SGOs to adopt the same approach locally.

With this in mind, we have made funding available to all SGOs so they can plan localised targeted work to engage young people facing barriers to participation. They have been asked to write a plan explaining which young people they wish to work with and why. This flexible approach allows SGOs to deliver opportunities based on local insight which will inevitably vary from area to area.

We also fund School Games County Level 3 Finals in both Primary/Secondary Sports Hall Athletics, Primary Quadkids, Primary Bee Netball and Secondary Netball.  Alongside this, we are involved in specific School Games inclusion events such as the Inclusive Watersports Regatta and the Wheelchair Basketball Event, and work with the Youth Sport Trust Lead Inclusion School, Warmley Park, to develop a plan to engage young people with SEND in sport, physical activity and leadership across the West of England.

School Games Mark

You can find out about what's required for this year's School Game Mark here.  You should work with your SGO to take part.  The Active School Planner is also a great tool to help support your application, which includes the Active Lives CYP Survey to obtain a bespoke school report.

Volunteer: If you are a volunteer and would like to help at a School Games event, please contact your local SGO or Wesport via, or call 0117 328 6250.