Book a Court

The courts at EASTVILLE, ST GEORGE AND CANFORD PARK will be re opening on the 29th March in line with the recent government announcement!

The LTA have put together a guide to show what each road map stage means for Tennis which you can find here.

  • Memberships are still paused.
  • Pay and Play courts that have had to be cancelled will be refunded.
  • Any questions please email

Courts can be booked in one hour slots.  After completing your booking you will be issued with a code to access the gates to the courts.  This code can be used 10 minutes before your booking commences and up to 10 minutes after the end of your booking. You cannot be locked in the courts but you will be locked out either side of these times.

The courts at St George have an additional code for the internal gates that will be sent on your confirmation email.

If you are struggling booking your court click here to watch our 'How to Book a Court'

Cancel a Court

How to cancel a booking:

  1. Visit and ensure you are logged into your account 
  2. Click on your name to drop down the menu and select "profile"
  3. Select "manage your court bookings" 
  4. Your court bookings will now be listed with the option to cancel them