Court Bookings

The system says that I have exceed my court bookings

We currently have a restriction on the number of court bookings you can make in a rolling 7 day period (3). This period will include bookings you have used and those you have booked.
If today is the 2nd June. You played on the 1st June and have a court on the 4th and 5th June. You will be unable to book a court on the 6th June as you already have 3 bookings in a 7-day period. You could however book for the 8th June, as the 1st June booking will have moved outside of the 7-day period.

I am an annual member but am being charged £5 for my court booking

There are two reasons this may be occurring
1. You are not signed in correctly. You may have set up an account using Facebook, Microsoft, Google or LTA login credentials instead of creating a Clubspark account. Please check your login method as this will then assign your free court hire permissions to your booking.
2. When you set your account, if you added additional household members you may not have ticked the box to assign your yourself as a member, you may have opted to leave yourself as the contact. Please contact us to sort this out for you and in the meantime ask another member in your house to book the court for you.

Do people have priority booking?

No. Since opening again in May all block bookings on the courts have been cancelled so that the demand for courts can be met. Members and pay and play bookings have the same 7 day period to book courts.

When do courts become available?

Bookings open at 8am, 7 days in advance for courts.

Court Availability

There are no available courts to books

During Covid-19 there has been unprecedented demand for tennis courts across the country. We have worked hard to ensure as many of our tennis courts have been open as possible and have implemented changes to booking rules to ensure that there is maximum availability of these courts.

I walk past the courts and see that many of them are empty, yet the system says they are booked.

There are a number of people that are booking courts and then not cancelling them if they don’t wish to play. We are aware that there are currently many things that could mean you cant play tennis at short notice but in many cases individuals should just login to their account and cancel the booking, this would mean you have another credit available to book another court. Where Wesport staff view empty courts a 7 day booking ban will be issued to the individual that has booked that court.

Can I report unused courts?

This is useful information and helps us identify persistent offenders etc, however we will not issue bans from reports as we feel that this is open to abuse and weakens our position with that individual if it was not witnessed by a staff member.

Can the pin codes on the gates identify people not turning up?

This is being developed by the gate manufacturers and Clubspark. We can identify codes that are not used, so please ensure you enter your code every time you turn up. If somebody holds the gate open for you, you can still enter your code, you don’t need to shut the gate to enter your code.