19th January 2023
Health Promotion event providing free health checks to the local community

On Sunday 15th Jan 2023, our community Health promotion event took place in collaboration with Accure Health Consultancy, Wellspring Settlement and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club at the Cricket Ground.

This free community event, aimed to bring together community organisations from across Bristol, all with a common goal of improving the health and wellbeing of residents for 2023.

As part of the health promotion we provided information on keeping healthy, focused on risk factors for cardiovascular disease, healthy weight management and how to access physical activity and movement. As a result of the health checks and MOT’s 19% of those individuals who were screened had undiagnosed hypertension.

Tabinda Rashid-Fadel, Director of Accure Health Consultancy explained:

“This event was made possible by the sheer will and desire to help the community, from the main organisers, Wesport, Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Accure Health Consultancy ltd and Wellspring Settlement. It was delivered to an extremely high standard by all the many volunteers who gave up their Sunday to make this happen. For me the fact that we have picked up a significant number of undiagnosed hypertension and provided a lot of relevant information and support for reducing cardiac risk factors is of the greatest value. A very high proportion of attendees accessed the health checks confirming that this was absolutely the right approach and should be on offer in future events. It has been an absolute privilege to work with our partners on this event, I look forward to this becoming an annual health event for the city.”

As part of the event, individuals were able to find out and participate in range of physical activity and movement, delivered by local community organisations.

Jane Rogers, Physical Activity Coordinator from Wellspring said:

“"We are passionate about the physical and mental health benefits of moving and moving well. It was great to join with other Bristol organisations to reach our city's diverse communities with this message and be a part of this very special event".

Ali Chodkiewicz, Wesport Project manager added:

“The event was a great opportunity to support those individuals who are looking to make a positive start to 2023 and to demonstrate how physical activity can support individuals in improving both their physical health and mental wellbeing. It was great to have such a wide range of stands including Beezebodies, British Heart Foundation, Empire Fighting Chance, Tiger Strips Dance and Cycling Sisters supporting the event and promoting the different opportunities and services available for the community to access."

The event was a collaborative approach from several charities, volunteer health and social care professionals, all working to support and improve the health outcomes of communities.