15th November 2018
Pickleball – A discovery of what it is!
active workplaces

We’ve been trying to work out how to best describe Pickleball, the most concise version we’ve mustered up is: Imagine playing tennis, on a badminton court, with a large table tennis bat….

Last week a local business fielding two teams of four joined Bristol Pickleball Club to learn the basics and try a few matches! Roberto and his team of volunteers from the club made all the participants feel very welcome, they supported the teams to learn the moves quickly so that they could have some competitive doubles matches by the end of the session!

Being able to offer activity that participants can continue to engage with if they enjoy it is a really strong feature of the Active Workplaces programme. Where possible, local clubs run our events at their home venue so that participants have an accessible route back if they want to try the activity again.

Bristol Pickleball Club run training sessions at St Pauls Community Sports Academy every Friday evening 7:30 - 9pm. You can turn up to your first session for FREE to learn how to play and meet some of the other members. For more information and to contact Roberto, one of the coaches, contact: pickleballbristol@gmail.com

As a local charity Wesport run these events in order to raise funds to invest back into the local community at grass roots level. Take a look at the upcoming competitions HERE.