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Lacrosse is a team game where goals are scored by shooting a ball into a net, using a stick with a pocket on the end, called a crosse.

A girl running with a crosse

Lacrosse is an exciting, fast paced and dynamic activity. Attributes from a variety of games such as Basketball, Rugby, Hockey are apparent in a game of lacrosse. Lacrosse clubs will provide all of the equipment, referees and coaches to members. For beginners, all you need is a mouth guard!

There are different versions of the game:

  • Men's lacrosse is a contact sport, so players wear protective clothing including helmets, gloves and arm padding.
  • Women's lacrosse only involves contact between sticks.
  • Mixed lacrosse is played by both men and women or boys and girls.

Although Women's and Men's Lacrosse differ slightly, with one being full contact and the other being limited contact, the object of the game is the same- to score the most goals into the oppositions goal. Lacrosse players use a long-handled racket (known as a crosse of lacrosse stick) to manoeuvre a rubber ball during play by either catching, passing or carrying it in a netting attached to the end of the stick.

Pop-lacrosse, is completely non-contact, even between sticks. It is mainly played by six to 12-year olds.

Wesport works alongside English Lacrosse to develop sporting opportunities across the West of England, visit their club finder for more information about how to get started.

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