a-z of sport: Squash & Squash 57

The game is played by two players (or four players for doubles) with standard rackets in a four-walled court with a small hollow rubber ball.

Two people playing squash

Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. In one hour of squash, a player may expend approximately 700 to 1000 calories which is significantly more than most other sports and over 70% more than general tennis. The sport also provides a good upper and lower body workout by utilising both the legs to run around the court and the arms/torso to swing the racquet.

Squash 57, formally known as Racketball, is an adaption of the game played with a larger ball and a shorter racket. The adapted game is a popular introduction to squash and can keep generations of players fit and active.

Both squash and squash 57 are fun, social, indoor sports that provide fantastic health benefits for peopleĀ of all ages. The majority of centres and clubs have rackets and balls available to hire at a reasonable cost. The Big Hit website, supported by England Squash, offers information on how you can find a club or a centre and get started!

The English Deaf Squash Association is an organisation that works primarily to provide opportunities for deaf people of all ages, to play squash from grassroots to national level. There are currently World, European an National deaf squash championships.

Wesport work alongside England Squash to develop opportunities in the West of England.

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