a-z of sport: Mixed Martial Arts

The term Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) covers a large number of different sports- there is bound to be a discipline that appeals to you!

All female kickboxing class

Mixed Martial Arts incorporates a variety of martial arts, combining grappling and striking in a coherent system, where stance and movement allow effective defense and offence in all ranges. MMA core consists of boxing, as well as kick boxing and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), wrestling (free style and Greco-Roman), grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu) and Judo.

The vast amount of different disciplines means that there really are options for all different ages and abilities. Participating in Mixed Martial arts can help self-defense, fitness, confidence and develop spiritual development. The term covers such a large number of different sports, there is bound to be one that appeals to you!

Mixed Martial Arts can be hugely beneficial in improving one's health and supporting a greater feeling of self-worth and personal wellbeing. The Disability Martial Arts Association works as a support network and emphasises the belief that people come first and disability is second. They also have a database that provides information about Martial Art Clubs and Associations locally, that cater for people with various disabilities.