a-z of sport: Shooting

Target shooting is an Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth sport and at the elite level shooting has seen Team GB consistently winning medals.

A group of young people target shooting

Target shooting today is a popular sport, comprising over 41 different disciplines across 3 main categories (Fullbore Rifle & Pistol, Small-bore Rifle & Pistol, and Shotgun). Shooting is a sport for anyone; people of all ages can compete alongside each other.

The sport requires self-control, composure and enormous skills. Shooting is also among the most easily adaptable sports, with alterations of equipment easily made. Target shooting is incredible accessible, and requires minimal modification. Disbaled people are already representing 25% of recreational shooters- a number that British shooting are committed to increasing further.

Visit British shooting for more information about how you can get started, their club finder can help you find your nearest club.

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